MacReady Artisan Bread Company
 7838 Highway 42
Egg Harbor, WI
Artist:  Barbara Timmerman, Egg Harbor
We bake from scratch every day.  Taste the difference in everything we do.

MacReady Boxed Lunches
Treat your guests to the real MacReady lunch experience by ordering from a selection of our generously sized cold deli sandwiches served with housemade coleslaw and potato chips. 

Sandwich Selection includes Wisconsin Cranberry Chicken Salad, Farm Fresh Egg Salad, Marchant’s Double Smoked Ham and Local Cheddar, MacReady’s Seasonal Veggie Sandwich, Tuna Salad or Braunschweiger.

​$15 per person
MacReady Bread Company Lunch/ Picnic Dinner Catering Menu - 
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MacReady Lunch Platter

Beautifully plated assortment of local deli meats, sliced cheeses and house-made condiments served with a generous selection of our sliced artisan rolls and/or breads. 

Small $125 serves 10
Medium $225 serves 20
Large $340 serves 30