MacReady Artisan Bread Company
 7838 Highway 42
Egg Harbor, WI
Artist:  Barbara Timmerman, Egg Harbor
We bake from scratch every day.  Taste the difference in everything we do.

From field to baker...  
MacReady Bread Company ®
Over time, wheat has been modernized to improve crop yield, ease harvest burdens and to create higher gluten content. This has resulted in grains that are easier to grow, harvest and work with. As a result, though, our modern wheat varietals have lost their high protein and fiber content as well as their important minerals and antioxidants. More importantly, tho, they plain old don't taste as good. The heirloom varietals have a naturally nutty and full-bodied flavor, with fewer bitter overtones than those found in more readily available whole wheats.

Not only are ancient wheat varietals really hard to come by, they require a more specialized technique to work with. For the best taste and texture, we adjust hydration levels according to the specific grain and milling process used, hand knead the dough, allow for adequate fermentation of the dough, allow the breads to rise naturally and free form without a mold. The result... we hope you come in and find out this season.

We are really excited to work with Meuer Farm in Chilton, WI. They are really talented and knowledgeable about their product. Very few farms grow, store and mill their own grains. The Meuers have control over the process and quality of the grains from start to finish. They mill fresh grains to our specifications. A baker's dream!

Current Hours

​Thursday 10-4
Friday 9-4
Saturday 9-4
Sunday 9-4
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